Mobility Hacks: Ease Your Lower Back Pain

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Check out the exercises and stretches to help you out!

Chronic lower back pain is a very big cause of disability all over the world. It not only poses issues for us, but is also a major welfare and economic problem. Many of us have been in some form of lock down and working from home has been terrible for most of our backs. We are still sitting in front of the computer the whole day and this time, we don’t even have those expensive cushioned office chairs. Some of are even sitting on the floor…on the bed… you know it! Some of us are already starting to feel some sort of backache or pain.

Catch the video to check out some stretches and exercises that can help to ease your lower back pain! These stretches and exercises target the hips, glutes and lower back. They will serve to help ease some tension as well as strengthen those muscles. You can do these daily or as part of your warm up routine.

Try them out and let me know what you think!

Author: Leon Tan, CSCS

I'm a certified Fitness Coach with a degree in Sports Science. I am passionate in Health, Fitness and helping people become a better version of ourselves.

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