Grapple Strong: An Online Training Program for Building Strong Grapplers

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An online training program designed to build strong and resilient grapplers


Grapple Strong is an online Strength & Conditioning program designed to provide Grapplers with an easy and affordable way to have a proper S&C program. This can help improve their performance and reduce injuries while doing their sport.

Grapple Strong is launched through an app (Trainerize) where you will have access to planned weekly training sessions. Exercises, sets, reps, and rest times will all be detailed in the app. Videos accompany the exercises to make it easier for you to learn the exercise should you be unfamiliar with them.

With Grapple Strong, you will have access to a qualified coach who will help ensure that you are performing the exercises correctly and, weekly planning and adjustments to the program as you get stronger and progress through the different phases of training.

We have two levels that we cater for:

  • Grapple Strong Beginners is geared towards grapplers who have little to no experience with resistance training. The program is simpler but will be highly effective in getting you stronger, more powerful, and more enduring. At the same time, you will learn how to perform a myriad of exercises correctly.
  • Grapple Strong Advanced (Coming Soon) is geared towards grapplers who have lifting experience but would like better structure to their S&C program. This program is more advanced and will be more focused on developing athletic attributes such as Power, Speed, Strength, and Agility.

Other than getting access to the Grapple Strong Training Program on the app. You will also have access to:

Technique Evaluation: I help you correct any technical questions you have regarding posture and form through videos you send to me.

– Q&A: Will help answer any questions you have regarding training and exercise

We also have a third option:

  • Strongertmr Online Coaching is geared towards grapplers who want a program that is fully customized to their needs. Have something specific you want to work on? Or perhaps you are prepping for a competition. Or maybe you just want more attention as a trainee. This option is for you. You will still be part of the Grapple Strong Club (coming soon) and have access to all it’s perks.
Proper S&C training helps build a strong grappler

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any face-to-face training sessions?

No there is not. Grapple Strong is a purely online training program and this helps keeps it affordable. However, face-to-face sessions are available at extra cost should you want additional help.

Is this a fully customized program?

No, it is not. Grapple Strong is a pre-planned program that is designed to help maximize training results in simple and effective ways for grapplers. It is slightly customizable should you not have access to certain equipment or are unable to do certain exercises. Fully customized programs are available too with Strongertmr Online Coaching.

Do I need a gym to take part in this program?

Yes. Ideally, you would have access to a fully functioning gym. Minimally, you would need access to a condo-styled gym with dumbbells and a bench. Do take note that exercises might differ depending on the amount of equipment you have access to.

I finished 3 months of GS Beginner. What’s next?

Congratulations! If you finished our Beginner program, you are highly recommended to continue with our Advanced Athlete program or fully customized Strongertmr Online Coaching.

What if I need to pause the program because of XXX reasons?

After enrollment in the program, we will be able to pause it for you only if you are unwell, injured, or are going overseas. Documentation has to be provided. There is a maximum of 30 days pause in total.

The Coach

Learn how to Grapple Strong with Coach Leon

The coach in charge of the Grapple Strong program is Leon (@Strongertmr) an Elite Coach with a degree in Sports Science and a certified NSCA Strength & Conditiong coach. He has coached and helped hundreds of people get stronger, fitter, leaner and more confident in what they are capable of physically and mentally.

Join The Grapple Strong Team

Drop a DM to @strongertmr if you’ll like to find out more about the Grapple Strong Program today!

Author: Leon Tan, CSCS

I'm a certified Fitness Coach with a degree in Sports Science. I am passionate in Health, Fitness and helping people become a better version of ourselves.

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