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The idea of working out to me was limited to visible muscle until I met Leon. Not only he has helped me achieve my personal fitness goals but even gone beyond to inspire me to be #strongertomorrow. He places a high value on correct form with each exercise and motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. I’m truly impressed with Leon’s knowledge, passion and dedication that he brings to every session. 5 stars without a question!

April Nguyen, 28


Amazing Coach That Cares

Leon is an amazing coach that has lots of dedication and passion for his class and students. I never get bored with the routines as there is always something new to try and experience. He also is attentive to tailor the exercise to avoid injury whenever I am having muscle tightness. My flexibility has greatly improved over time. Will continue to train with him when the CB period is over and get stronger together tomorrow!


Training With A Difference

Lots of different training types so it’s not boring and gets the body working every single time! Before training with him, I would be tired by midday. Now I can last all the way until the end of the day! My flexibility also improved!

Leslie Teo

Got my Pullups!

I finally managed to do full ROM pull-ups with Leon’s manageable progression training! I gave him a whole A4 list of mini-goals and he helped me achieve almost every one way before a given deadline. And I had FUN training – which really is the most important thing!

Eileen, 52

Corporate Communications Practitioner,

Personalisation by Helping You Discover What You Enjoy & What Works For You

I came to Leon several years ago, feeling slightly sluggish and having hit a wall with my workouts. I was getting bored with my usual routine of running. As I was also experiencing some health conditions, finding someone who has the right knowledge and tools to tailor my training to manage the physical and medical challenges was top on my priority. Since training with Leon, he has ignited a fire within, helping me discover a passion and love for boxing which is crucial in sustaining a good consistency and desire to workout. Even during periods when I am unable to work out, he would ensure that I’m on the right schedule with my meals, ensuring flexibility and variety in my workouts to ease me back into my routine. Effective workouts need not be how hard you push or how heavy the weights are or how Long each workout lasts. But it’s the consistency, the momentum, and most importantly, the focus and the heart you put in for each workout. Enjoyment is key!

Andrea 31

Associate Director, Market Research,

Stronger Tomorrow with Sustainable Training

I look forward to every training by Leon. The kind that you know you are going to be fried at the end of the session, but yet there’s always something that keeps you going back for more.

A committed trainer for every of his individual and group classes – awesome innovation in planning with no less effort in actual execution. Leon always makes his class challenging, fun and safe at the same time; elements that I have incorporated into my personal workouts to make them sustainable in the long run.

Roy Tan (Class)

Public Servant

Training with Leon is not about doing reps after reps. But rather his holistic way of training makes you think why you are doing this in the 1st place. Even off training, Leon is committed. Ensuring that you eat and sleep “well”.

For a dessert lover with hypothyroidism, it was really hard to keep the weight off. However, with his “eagle eyes” and customized training, I gradually lost weight and start making better and healthier choices.



Amazing Coach Who Does Great and Beyond

I have never seen a professional trainer like him, who already knows so much yet continues to study and improve himself. He’s humble, knowledgable, and sincerely caring for his trainees. I knew Leon from a friend of mine. My goal originally was only to look fabulous after 3 months. We managed to achieve my goal!

Leon always gives me clear instructions and taught me how to diet without starving myself. He follows up with my progress mentally and physically. He also carefully adjusts the program based on my progress. After 2 months, all my colleagues and friends already started complimenting on my physical change.
I have never felt so strong, even stronger than when I was younger! I’ve decided to keep our 1-1 coaching. Training with Leon is fun and fulfilling.

I’d recommend Leon to anyone who needs a coach. He is a trustworthy individual and would for sure help you grow stronger! 5/5 (If I could give 6 out of 5 I will!!!)

Diona Lin

IT Engineer

I have trained under Leon Tan for almost coming to 4 years. Although it was 1 session per week, it was always fruitful. Leon knows my strengths and weaknesses and always set programs to push me to my limit to improve. Even during this Circuit Breaker period, I still train under him as he will send me the planned training programs for me to follow. Under Leon’s coaching and guidance, I know how to apply proper exercise techniques so I that I will not get myself injured, and he also makes training fun. He is always there to motivate and push me to my limits.

Ben, 49


Leon is a fantastic PT who is committed to helping me achieve my fitness goals. His customized routines are pitched at a suitable level and they also include more challenging workouts to push me out of my comfort zone. He is motivating and inspiring! On non-training days, Leon would check in with me and even send exercises for me to execute on my own. Leon kickstarted me on my fitness journey that has now become a lifestyle. So, thank you, Coach!

Sophil Ang, 30


Proficiency and Patience

Leon is a perfect guide to fitness training for a beginner like me. With his years of experience, Leon always make sure each session is at a proper and effective level. He has a really nice presence, I feel comfortable taking new challenges and seeing changes on me.

Jasmine Yang

IT Engineer

I love the PT trainings with LEON Tan. I have not taken up any PT  until I met Leon but I felt that I could trust him with my goals. I gained alot in strength and have more well defined muscles after PT. He is motivating and always helps to provide guidance even when I train on my own so that I won’t injured myself.

Don Chan

Outstanding trainer that will boost your workout!

Leon is an amazing trainer as well as a great person that is full of positivity. I have trained with Leon for a few years and my experience has been nothing but wonderful. Every workout is fun, interesting and tailored to your fitness level and needs. I can honestly say I look forward to my weekly workouts with Leon. I cannot recommend Leon’s Personal Training enough. Give it a try and you won’t regret it!

Tien, 44


I started training with Leon at Sep 2019 and now at May 2020, i’ve lost 8kg ! My attire has shrunk and my posture is getting better! I also feel stronger in my upper body and lower body. I really like that I can get back to my running with better strength and endurance!

I find Leon very knowledgable and also very strict! If you have pain, he will find a way to help adjust your training to allow you to continue training pain free and to recover from it! He is patient and will progressively work through the training with you!


Stronger Together!

I have been training with Leon for nearly four years and we have shared a lot of training together. Working with him has always been and will always be tough and perhaps unique in a way that he can bring the best out of you on every drills and exercises. Not only he is excellent on his craft, but he is someone who has a deep passion of helping everyone who is willing to be helped. I learnt many lessons from him through the years and I have improved a lot physically. My lifestyle definitely had changed 360 degrees for the better and it was because of his guidance. Now, I can proudly say that I am fitter than I used to be. I think I am one of the longest trainees he had coached and we still continue to level up and move forward. Up to now, Leon still checks on my progress regularly without fail.

What I like about him is that he is very intentional, bursting with life, one who never slack, a goal-driven individual and an achiever, which are the qualities of good Coach. I learnt from him that fitness has many facets and embraces your whole being and with that we are always setting goals in fitness and continue to challenge each other. I am happy and confident that he is my Coach and we will always strive to go further and get stronger!



A good coach is not one that is just knowledgeable but one who is willing to share his knowledge.

Leon is one who will rambles on during a workout which you will either gain knowledge or energy from. He has a knack to motivate you to soar through a challenging workout. His classes are addictive, leaving you breathless yet stronger tomorrow!

Becky (Class)

Operations Executive

Patient and Realistic Trainer

Leon believes in long term goals and have seen me through my unfit days, pregnancy and postpartum. My gynae even said that my fitness helped me during my 16hour induced birth. Thanks to Leon, I have also made a great recovery! He sets realistic goals based on my schedule and lifestyle. He is extremely patient, knowledgeable, and caters to my needs. Whether you’re just starting out on your fitness journey or a fitness junkie looking to up your game, Leon is the go to guy!

Ziqian Huang, 32

Private Banking Compliance
I’ve been working out with Leon for a year now and I am feeling stronger than ever before. He varies our workouts so that I never get bored. Leon is an amazing coach as well as a great person. In view of my job nature, he is very accommodative when it comes to my crazy work schedule and make sure to always fit me in. Every single time during our training session, he would gave all his best to push me workout harder towards my fitness goals and expects a lot from me which keeps me motivated.
I came to Leon by introduction of my boyfriend, whom is also his trainee for more than a year already. Leon totally exceeded my expectations of being just a fitness coach to me. He will constantly checks on me on my workout even outside our training schedule which makes me feel as tough he is my friend as well as my coach. He even took the extra mile by helping me to plan the workouts for me in the entire week or whenever we are unable to meet during the week!
He deserved a lot of my respect because of his professionalism and how hard he works as a coach daily! Truly my role model when comes to fitness.

Chai Yi Hee (Jessy)

Financial Advisor

A Fitness Coach Like No Other

Leon is a very knowledgeable coach who can tailor trainings according to your needs and fitness goals. When I started training with him, i had a lot of injuries. Leon was able to help me achieve my goals and at the same time, conditioned my body to help me minimise further injuries. With his help, I got stronger, leaner, fitter and most of my injuries are gone through improvements in postures. Leon is also a coach who walks the talk. His hard work and clean diet motivates his trainees to be stronger and healthier like him. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to achieve your fitness goals within a short span of time.


I decided to engage a personal trainer and it is the best decision of my fitness journey. My trainer, Leon, has infected me with his passion! He inspired me to go further not only in my workout activities but in my personal life as well. I have learnt so much of fitness knowledge from him; be it from workout techniques, to meal preparations to even the benefits of using a sauna. His constant desire for self-improvement and sharing of new exercises to motivate and help clients like myself. With discipline and consistency, everyone can achieve their goals no matter when you decide to start. I hope my story will inspire you to get started in your fitness journey.

Yong Cheng Hao


FGT With Leon Tan

Leon is very knowledgeable in what he is doing. Despite his busy schedule, he is always there to advise when you have doubt. His helpfulness and encouragement have allowed students who are not familiar with his classes/ exercises less intimidating. From his thorough explanation, I had better learnt to engage my body and performing the workout effectively. I love the fact that he is constantly adding interesting and new exercises to his classes.

Umi (Class)

I used to be a weakling until Leon came into my life for an ultimate fitness transformation! Enabling me to as athletic as possible to try absolutely anything – diving, wakeboarding, snowboarding, pole, SUP, Muay Thai, killer HIIT sessions, weight lifting and the list goes on.

Thanks for letting me know it’s all possible and making it so fun all the time! Glad to be able to train with the best fitness instructor of 2018 in Fitness First, and indeed he’s the BEST instructor you can ever get to torture you to get to a better you!

Charlotte Lee Wan Ting


Leon is very attentive and always customize the training sessions to fit your training needs He will make sure you do the exercises right and then challenge you further to achieve your goals. Even the days I don’t train with him, he tries to keep me motivated to hit the gym. With Leon’s help, I have managed to lose 4.5kg during the last month of our training, while he also helped me increase my training sessions.


Road to Recovery

Our training together have been tough, thoughtful towards my previous ACL injury. He’s careful and determined to get me stronger. Slowly but surely, I’m getting better. Not only that I’m able to remember those that had taught me! Great/caring teacher I’ve found!